Saturday, March 27, 2010

Have I Got Too Much MOJO?

When did the female become the sexual predator? Or is that just me? Yes, that's right, you pegged it--I'm not getting laid enough. It seems that a rough 'n tumble in the bed with my guy has to be preceded by a moment of incredible significance. Perhaps a restatement of all the reasons we love one another, or the exchanging of Valentines day gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts etc. but damnit...there would have to be a holiday twice a day in order for that deal to fly with me.

Don't get me wrong--I have experienced the theory that sex is better when there are emotions involved. But do they have to be immediate, weighty emotions?! Do we have to always have just finished a discussion about the significance of our relationship in order to get it in? I mean--i love the guy! 24/7.....okay, maybe like...22/7. le'ts be real here. But shouldn't that be enough! Isn't sex one of the perks of working your way to a stable, peaceful relationship??? But for my guy, it seems there must be constant turbulence, and only the coming down from this turbulence turns him on. That's right--makeup sex.

But how about this for a reason to kick our clothes off? We're young! We're cute! We're alive!

My guy actually came out of the restroom yesterday and asked me "what are you doing?"

I was standing on the bed naked for godsake! What more must I be doing?! We were not in a fight, we did not have anywhere to go, why on earth would his first thought be , "what are you doing?"

Humiliating, really.
"Oh I umm...just wanted to see how much my jiggly parts actually jiggled when I jumped on the bed naked."

Honestly now! What do you think i'm doing???

The only thing that could have lead to more embarrassment in this moment would have been if females got erections--because my lord would i have had a big throbbing one at that moment and it's not easy to put your pants back on over one of those!

Maybe I'm just more into sex than my guy is. Maybe I am the guy in this relationship. Or is this becoming an epidemic? Am I not the only one experiencing a switch in the libidos? Somebody please tell me I'm not alone here!


  1. Be patient...It is my experience that he who wants more in the beginning wants less in the end and vice versa...

  2. well this sounds like a promising endeavor! don't we ever want the same things, at the same time?