Saturday, April 3, 2010

Loving Ain't Always Liking

We've all got friends who constantly date jerks. Girls that date the guy who is always high-fiving someone when "barely legal babe" porn flashes across the screen, or who spanks the girl and demands a sandwich, or the guy that drinks way too much with his buddies and when his girlfriend tells him to cool it he heels over laughing. I have a few friends like this, friends who do not like and do not actually respect their boyfriends.
The closest one I've been able to observe is my sister's. She is always smacking or punching (on the arm, of course) her boyfriends for something. "You Would Do That" is her favorite term. And she is always dating a guy who gives her plenty of reason to say it.

"Why are you dating him?" I asked a friend like this once and she said "At least he's honest. I Know what he's thinking."

And I realized, these girls may think this type of guy is their only option. These girls may think that all guys are thinking "YaaaAAH!" when that porn flashes on the screen, so they may as well date the guy who actually says it. That way, the girl has the reason to smack him. I realized these girls may think all guys deserve to be smacked, and they are just doing their duty by finding the ones who put themselves up to be smacked.

"At Least He Is Honest" ??? !

For God Sake, I hope my guy isn't actually like these other ones---but just...silent.


  1. I don't have friends such as you do. I will tell you why right off. i"m an old man with a young heart, but enough of that.

    What cought my eye to your blog is that "you made up that word" I made up a word, but i don't know what it means, you see I dreamed every letter in my word, the word is (Ecelliam)and I have been using it on every thing, my dog, my email add. my blog and so on, it's not on any dictionary, or wikopedia, i want to TM my word, have you done that to yours ? and if you have tell me how.. Thank you, check out my blog

  2. ecelliam...sounds Latin...

    Losers? I don't know...I guess you've gotta date a lot of losers to be able to recognise the diamond. Or maybe not? Perhaps its got to do with self-esteem...

    Or maybe "loser" or "diamond" most relationships are doomed in the long-run when the routine sets in...