Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Was Hit On By A Hobo

It's funny that (among many other nasty, nasty ones) some of my ex's parting words were "fine, go. You just want to party with your friends" And while that is certainly not why I left, I have been doing my fair share of partying. Girlfriends, I've missed you:)

One thing I forgot about going out to bars and clubs in the highly inconvenient, but constant effort to deflect come-on's by men, while still trying to have a good time. But at least one thing I can say, is they sure do provide a little entertainment.

HIM: "Where's your boyfriend?" ME: "around here somewhere" HIM: "Wouldnt you rather have someone who is here, now?" My Thoughts: "Oh yes, anyone within the vicinity will do. Anyone at all. But I dont know, the guy next to you managed to spike his hair a little higher. And he is here now too."

HIM: "Wanna dance?" ME: "I just want to dance with my girlfriends (and when did the proper location to place your hand on a stranger move from the waste to the buttox?" HIM: "Are you gay" My Thoughts: "Buddy, you're not helping anything by feeding me answers"........Me: "Yes."

HIM: "I promise I'm not a hobo but----" My Thoughts: "Well i've stopped listening."

To single life!


  1. Oh I love the very common response to rejection that is the question/insult, "Are you gay?" Cause that must be the only reason you don't want what hes selling. LOL!

  2. So funny. You hate it now, you'll miss it in 20 years.

    Enjoy life to the fullest, especially the parties.

  3. I endorse Purple Cow's comment.

    I have given you an award on my blog.

  4. Yeah you get tired of the same ole lines from men..even if they say it in different ways and words..the pick up lines are so "rolling eyes here" flat and done...sigh