Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today, Men Apologize!

My posts wont always be novel-length. Sometimes they will be short stories that were hard to resist!
My roommate is from Argentina. We were talking about how we will have to marry men who come home and have stories to tell--little things they have noticed throughout the day. Something a cashier said at the grocery store, things like that.
"Not everyone notices those stories though."
"What makes them notice?" I asked.
"I dont know" my roommate answered, "but, i know in my house, there was no separation of the generations. Little kids and adults sat at the same table and if a kid had something to say, the adults listened, and moved the conversation with the kid's comment in mind."
She said her thirteen year old brother sits with the adults at dinner parties and then, at one dinner, a family friend in his fifties said, "when you get home, hit your wife--you don't know what she did, but she does."
My roommate's thirteen year old brother said, "I heard, that when you get home, you
re supposed to apologize to your wife. You don't know what you did, but you did something wrong."

Right there, a thirteen year old boy, showed how far we have come. He lives in a world where, as far as he knows, men say things like that. Thirteen years old and he's had to learn how to keep up with the middle-aged, embittered folks like that man with the reverse story. He will be a little noticer of little stories his whole life, and make a great husband :)


  1. Hi, I am glad you paid me a visit over at my blog. I love little tales like this. I am glad we live in a world where men now ,on the whole ,apologise.

  2. I am glad we live in this world too--just in a world where anyone (man or woman) is willing to consider when they've done something wrong. It's so important if you will ever be able to get close to anyone!
    and, clearly, this 13-year old boy has also just been exposed to some Cosmo magazines ;)

  3. Oh this is short and sweet! Loved it!